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Worst Computer Viruses Part II

In previous article we have talked about worst computer viruses; Melissa, ILOVEYOU, The Klez Virus and Code Red and Code Red II. Now we will continue our discussion about the worst computer viruses ever attacked the world. Nimda Nimda spread rapidly through internet in 2011. It was the fastest propagating virus at that moment. This virus targeted the internet servers. …

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3 Worst Computer Viruses Part I

Computer viruses are always nightmare for us. Some of them can wipe out all data stored in hard drive, slower our computer and even steal our important data. These viruses usually use internet to spread into its victims. Even though computer viruses have been around for many years, but until now there is no exact way to protect our device …

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How to Get Rid of Babylon Malware

Don’t you hate it when some nasty malware appear on your screen without knowing when and why exactly you installed it? I do. In the last few days I see babylon malware every time I try to connect to the internet on my laptop. It didn’t interrupt the Firefox from working but I still didn’t like it. I’d rather have …

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