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Using Blog and Social Networking to Get More Traffic

If you’ve just started an Internet marketing campaign, one of the best ways to get more traffic is to start a blog in your chosen target. Blogs get indexed by the searched engines quickly. People who use the search engines to find information in your chosen target are usually given by search engines a list that includes relevant blogs on the topic.

Creating a blog is not enough
Even if you have already created a blog on your chosen topic, and you invite your readers to visit your sales pages, this strategy still doesn’t maximize the power of Web 2.0 to get more traffic and sales.

Post new blog articles often
The more original content that your blog has, the more likely that it is going to get more traffic from the search engines. Search engines give more value to websites and blogs that have more content and those that get updated often.

Submit your blog posts to social networking and bookmarking sites
Another effective source of traffic to your blogs are the social bookmarking sites. Every time that you make a new blog post, submit the link to Digg and other bookmarking sites. Users of these sites can also vote for the articles that they like. An article that gets a lot of votes gets to stay longer on the front page of these sites. The longer an article stays on the popular list, the more new traffic it gets.

Social networking sites also provide backlinks to your blog
Even if your articles don’t get voted to the top of the list, social bookmarking sites also provide one-way backlinks which also increase your site’s search engine value. This also works when you share your articles on social networking sites and when you use relevant keywords.

These simple blog linking and branding strategies can help you in boosting your traffic from the search engines. Make sure that you know what keywords to use in order to get a more targeted audience. provide SEO services with reasonable price. Our SEO specialist will help you to boost your website traffic and rank at the Search Engine.

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