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Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites

When it comes to digital marketing, the existence of social media is one of important tools to achieve your marketing goals. Through social media, you can build the awareness of your brand, promote it, get close with customers and potential customers and of course increase the sales.
There are many social media websites that you can use as one of your online campaign for the product. One of the reasons why you choose specific social media site is because you know many people access that site. So the visibility of your product is high. But, have you ever know which social media get highest monthly visitors which is benefit to your business in some way?
Well, according to eBizMBA website, here are top 15 most popular social networking sites (per August 27, 2014) that you can use for your business benefit.

1. Facebook
Who doesn`t know Facebook? Social media that started in 2014 has become sensation and almost all people in the world own an account there. People use Facebook to find friends, colleagues, family, relatives, famous people and many more. Facebook ads are common digital advertising today. Facebook has estimated 900,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 2 in Alexa.

2. Twitter
Even though Twitter limits its users to write 140 characters only, but many people love this social media. Twitter becomes common place too for online advertising and marketing. Twitter has estimated 310,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 8 in Alexa.

3. LinkedIn
This social media is more like professional online portfolio generator that will let its users create and publish their work resume, find people in same business, post job vacancy, apply for job and post content relate to our field. LinkedIn has estimated 255,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 9 in Alexa Rank.

4. Pinterest
Pinterest is popular because people like its board idea. You can pin and re-pin photos or videos that you like into one board. It`s like online scrapbooking. Big company use Pinterest to pin their product and things relate to it. Pinterest has estimated 250,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 26 in Alexa Rank

5. Google Plus +
People usually share their contents through their Google Plus+ account to generate more traffic and potential customers to their website. Google Plus+ has estimated 125,000,000 unique monthly visitors, but it has no clear rank position in Alexa.

6. Tumblr
People love tumblr to post status, photo, video and gifs. Tumblr has estimated 110,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 34 in Alexa Rank

7. Instagram
Everyone loves snapping everything then upload it on Instagram. Big companies often use this image-based social media to promote their products. Instagram has estimated 100,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 36 in Alexa Rank

8. VK
If you don`t know, VK is largest social network service in Europe. Its service is quite similar to Facebook. At January 2014, VK had at least 239 million active accounts. VK has estimated 80,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 21 in Alexa Rank.

9. Flickr
Flickr is photo sharing site from Yahoo. People use this website to upload photos and share it to people. Flickr has estimated 65,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 91 in Alexa Rank

10. Vine
Vine is new rising social media sites today. People use Vine even it just allow you to record a six seconds video. Vine has estimated 42,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 1.172 in Alexa Rank

11. MeetUp
MeetUp is social media that helps people find others who share their interest or cause, and form lasting, influential, local community groups that regularly meet face-to-face. So this social media is both of online and offline social media. MeetUp has estimated 40,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 296 in Alexa Rank.

12. Tagged
Maybe you never heard about this social media, but Tagged is quite popular in the world. Tagged is an interactive social experience for people like you. It’s a place to come every day to meet new people, hang out with your friends, and show off what you’re all about! Tagged has estimated 38,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 408 in Alexa Rank

13. is social media based in Latvia. With this social media, people can ask others questions with anonymity option. You can use this social media as Q&A service for your customer. has estimated 37,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 179 in Alexa Rank

14. MeetMe
MeetMe is social media to find friends perhaps dating partner. This service is quite popular in States. This social media has estimated 15,500,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 2.328 in Alexa Rank

15. Classmates
Classmates is social networking service that let its users to keep the nostalgic content, like photo images, movie trailers, music and many more. It has estimated 15,000,000 unique monthly visitors and rank 4.022 in Alexa Rank

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