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Title Tag Optimization Tips

Title is the very first thing that visible by the user and search engine. In search engine result page, it will show the title of your page. This means that the title of your article play important role in your effort to boost your website rank. Title tag optimization is one of important part of SEO. It describes the content of your web page. Thus, you have to pay attention when you create a title to your content.

So, how to make your title good enough for search engine? Here we have seven tips for title tag optimization.

1. Keyword usage

Remember to use your keyword in the title, but use same keyword in the title is not recommended because search engine might see your content as spam.

2. Maximum characters

Search engine, like Google is quite tight when it comes to the number of characters and words used in the title before they put it in SERP. Maximum title tag length is 70 characters. You are free to use as many characters as you want in your content title, but Google will not display it in SERP even if your page has good content. For the moment, Google is showing 65 to 70 characters, so it is safe to keep your title that short.

3. Say no to Stop Words

Stop words are not recommended to be put in the title as search engine will negate it mostly. If you think it is necessary to put stop words, like the, a, an, etc, then just do it as long as you have enough resources that tell you many search query include the stop word.

4. Keyword Positioning

First or major keyword must be placed in the title and the secondary keyword in sequence. This way, your page will be shown in top of search engine. If you use phrases, make sure to put all the phrases into the title.

5. Create unique title

Create unique title for every page in your website, so search engine can easily ‘read’ your page. Avoid duplicate title that might confuse the search engine.

6. Title = page content

The title must be reflecting the content of the article on your page, so choose the title that is relative and describe your content.

7. Branding Keyword

Branding keyword is also important in SEO. For example, a travel website might use “let`s fly with us” as their branding. So, put the branding keyword in your website to make emphasize to your content as well as the whole pages.

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