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SEO Tips to Improve On-page Optimization

If you have a website and wish to see it lands in first page on Google search engine results page (SERP), you have to perform good SEO strategies. If you are a beginner, understand how SEO work will be a quite complex task, but with the help from SEO tips provided by the experts you can instantly learn about SEO and of course it will boost your website rank in Google search. To help you out, here we have 10 on-page SEO tips that will help to improve your website ranking on Google SERP.

On-Page optimization

  1. Create interesting and descriptive article

When you create new articles to your website, make sure you write engaging and descriptive content, so the visitors won`t get bored when read your article. Make sure you have right title for the content, too. No one likes boring-long articles, right?

  1. Pay attention to the quality of your article

Don`t copy and paste the whole content from other websites when you write article because it won`t give you any traffic plus the owner of the original website might be upset if you took their ideas and did not put their name on credit. Thus, Google has very tight rule for duplicate contents. And then, avoid the desire to use any black hat SEO tricks.

  1. Right Title

Choose right title for your article. It must be relative to your keyword and also don`t forget to insert the keyword in the title. Don’t write too long title too, 40 to 65 characters are enough.

  1. Write Meta description

When you finish your article, before publish it you can write the Meta description of your article first. It usually locates at the bottom of the page. When write Meta description, keep it short and descriptive. This way will make your page more visible to Search engine spiders that will make it has high rank in Google SERP.

  1. Pay attention to Keyword Density ratio

You have to pay attention to your keyword Density ratio and maintain it in safe amount, so you won`t getting penalties from Google.

  1. SEO Friendly URL

Pay your attention to the URL of your content too. The URL must include the main part of the title, so search engine crawler can easily find your article is related to their search query.

  1. Keywords positioning

When you write article for your page, put your keyword in the first paragraph of the article, so search engine crawler will know that the content really explain the title.

  1. Use the headings

Don`t forget to use proper heading tags like h1, h2, etc so you can create better content and more readable article.

  1. Focus on the Keyword

Use strong keyword will increase your visibility to Google search engine spiders/crawlers. It also adds SEO value to your content.

  1. Put Image on the article

When you write article, don`t forget to put at least one image that is relate to your content. It is better than long boring article with no images.

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