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SEO Suggestion for 2017

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important factors that you have to consider, especially if you had and manage a website. In fact, the SEO strategy is mostly changing from years to years. In the other words we can say that some of SEO strategies on 2016 are not appropriate to be used on 2017. So, what are the best and suitable SEO strategies for 2017? Below is the further description.

  1. High Quality Content

We can say that this is the main aspect that you have to consider. The original and high quality contents are still becoming a king on Google search engine. It is based on the rule on Google which claimed that contents that are written based on the SEO policy and rich in information will become the main focus of Google. That is why; high quality content will be fly like a rocket and be at the first place in Google search engine.

  1. Optimizing Traffic from the Mobile Devices on 2012 had even claimed that the mobile device users like the smartphone users will defeat the desktop users. In fact, that statement is becoming a reality in which now we can see that smartphone users are more than the desktop users. That is why; if you had a website, it is better to make sure that your website can automatically make the right display based on the smartphone size or the other screen sizes of the devices that are used by visitors.

  1. Build Domain Authority

Until now, we can still find a fact that as high as we built the domain authority so our web and blog value will be higher as well. We can say that domain authority is one of the barometers for our website or blog in Google page rank. Many SEO experts claim that the measurement of site popularity is now could be seen from its domain authority after Google was officially deleting the pagerank feature. There are many ways that we can do to build domain authority such as by applying a safe building link and attract more visitors from the search engine.

  1. Optimizing the Social Media Channel

In the past, social media just like a tool or a place where we can share content and an interesting content will attract more visitors. However, as time goes by social media also becomes a tool that can be used for making an effective marketing strategy. Furthermore, nowadays there are many companies that use social media to stay connected with their customers.

  1. Be Active on some Internet Forums

Being active on some Internet forums can bring a positive effect for increasing your blog or website popularity that becomes one of the SEO strategy aspects. These activities are not just giving some comments, but we have to try giving some advantageous threads that will be useful for visitors.

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