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SEO Philosophies Part 2; The White Hat approach

Let`s continue our discussion about SEO philosophies. In previous article we wrote about one of the philosophies which the black hat approaches. Now, we have the white hat approach in hand. Please keep read on to find more!
White hat SEO approach is a safer, cleaner technique to take your website top the search engine results. While the black hat approach give the website only short-term popularity, but white hat approach will give your website more stable and long-term benefit. Unlike the black hat approach that has five methods to trick the search engine, we only have two methods from white hat technique. Be sure to read until last words to find out.

1. Keyword positioning
To improve your website position in search engine landing page, you need to know how the work. Almost all search engines categorize the websites and web pages based on keywords they have. Most search engines use programs called crawlers or spider to search the web and analyze it. They read web pages and index them to specific keywords. That`s why when user type “rainbow cake” at the search bar on the search engine, only websites or the pages related to rainbow cake will be shown in the landing page.
Because of the way search engines work, keyword positioning is important to make your web pages seen by the spiders. Here are some general tips about keyword positioning.
• Put the keyword in the title of your web page
• If your web page has several sections, header tags will be right thing to do. You can also place your keyword there
• Use important keywords throughout the page, but don`t overuse it as it will consider as keyword stuffing in black hat approach

2. Link Exchange
Actually, keywords are not the only important factor when search engines generating the landing page. Most search engines use link analysis to determine the quality of a page. By using link analysis, search engine will see how many other pages link to the page. For example, we use same search entry like above which is rainbow cake. If the search engine finds hundreds of other web pages related to rainbow cake to your web page, the search engine will give your page higher rank on the landing page.

It is quite a tricky task to get different sites link to your page. This is where link exchange is important. You can offer link exchanges with other sites that have related content as yours. Do not exchange links with other sites that unmatched your page`s content. If you have too many irrelevant links on your page, search engine will think that you want to cheat the system. It is different from buy link method in black hat SEO technique.

Actually there is no specific rule about what to choose, black or white SEO approach. The decision to use which approach is based on the webmaster himself plus other practical experiences.

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