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SEO Philosophies part 1; The Black Hat approach

If you own a website and wish it can rank well in search engines, well hold on. It has certain method called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to achieve that. Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques a webmaster can use to improve his or her website`s rank in search engine.

To have good rank in search engine is important for webmaster to gain more visitors and boost the popularity of the website itself. There are two common SEO philosophies today; black hat and white hat approach. We will talk about black hat approach first to see what kind of methods include in this approach and how it affects the website.

Black Hat SEO includes some techniques to trick the search engines so their website can be listed in the top of the search result. Here we listed five methods from black hat SEO technique.

1.      Keyword stuffing

It is the method where webmasters put repeated keywords at the bottom of the page where almost no visitors bother to see. In simple way we can say keyword stuffing as put the keyword twice in same page which can screw the search engine result by the overusing keywords. This act can make search engine put your website on the first search result which here we called landing page (LP).


2.      Use invisible text

Webmaster also like to use invisible text or put text in same color as the page`s background. Visitors won`t notice it, but as the search engine spiders read content through the HTML code on the page, they can detect the unseen text webmasters put on the page. This act also can lead the search engine put your website at the top landing page.


3.      Put the irrelevant keywords

This is just another way to trick the search engines. Webmasters will do some research and find out what search terms and keywords that are popular and then use those words on their own web pages.


4.      Redirect visitors

Webmasters will create a simple page with certain keywords on it and hope it will get listed on the landing page. The simple page also includes program that redirects visitors to different page that sometimes has nothing to do with the search term.


5.      Selling and farming links 

This method is one the most popular trick to do. Webmasters will buy links from other websites to boost their own page`s rank. This action is common due to many search engines will look at links to determine the search result.


It is right that black hat SEO might result in increasing number of visitors, but it only give short-term benefit to the website. Nowadays, search engines are not so easy to be tricked. Most of search engines will flag every site which detected use foul methods. Search engines will also ban the flagged sites from its indexes. Plus, most search engines will penalize the website with black hat SEO. The decision to use black or white hat approach is ultimately yours as the webmaster. Be wise!

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