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SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Breakdown Techniques

It is the best business practices, that includes the best marketing strategy is not a big secret. Expand all possible maneuvers to attract customers to their products and services. Today’s Internet is,, along with top search engine tool, is the number one marketing system. About 65% of website traffic  use search engine such as Google and Yahoo. The important thing to consider is a user spends only 2 to 3 minutes on search engine, visiting only 3 top links in the first search page.

SEO – search engine optimization – is the techniques to make search engine work for you. These techniques include only actual results that people can get without paying money. T there are also some techniques one can use in order to achieve additional boost of traffic to a website by paying certain amounts.

SEO breakdown plan :

For instance, you have a company that wants to build a web site selling shoes for women. You have all types of shoes: designer, regular stores suppliers and orthopedic. You want to achieve one of the top spots is search engine.

How to break it down?

1) Try to google as many search results relevant to your website as possible. See who is on the top of the search, browse through their content and see if it makes sense in what they offer (some sites are just there to make money on advertising)

2) Think about your domain name and keywords. Your domain name, title of the page (html tag), your meta tags and your content must have keywords that reflect whatever you do. Those hot keywords will be searched for and crawled by search engine bots and crawlers.

3) If you design you page on your own – think about the web site structure. Structure is extremely important in terms of how will you build your web pages hierarchal flowing: home page to products to shoes to orthopedic shoes (following example given above). The reason being is that as you go away from home page you can include more specific keyword pool.

4)  Repeat you keywords. There is no general rule of how often you must repeat your keywords, but once in 2 – 3 sentences is fine. Another thing is that try to use you keywords in phrases, which will generate a more generic search. For example try to use our cheapest and best orthopedic shoes, and then repeat these keywords in title tag and meta tag , so that crawler can relate all of the content on your website.

5) Submit your domain to Google, Msn, Yahoo and Altavista as soon as possible. It is not a secret that it takes time for search engine, yahoo, such as: Google, Msn or Yahoo to index your page, which might take quite a while (2-4 weeks). I would recommend buying your domain and submitting it as soon as possible.

6) Make you website functional as soon as possible. Build you website and make it functional adding links (inbound, outbound, backlinks ) structurally integrate the content of it within your hot keyword topic.

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