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SEO – Between Facts or Myths

A lot of ethical search engine marketing will take your money by making false promises without any hesitation.

Here are some of the main SEO myths:

Top ten ranking in the search engines can be guaranteed
Most SEO companies will announce a guarantee that listed the top ten ranking. None other than the search engines one can guarantee any ranking. A decision of the real successes of the customer, agree not to empty guarantees.

In-House SEO is cheap
SEO professionals can get higher rankings comparatively faster because the search engine optimization and marketing is multifaced, technical and has a sheer learning curve. They also place a team at your disposal, including copy writers, programmers and SEO specialists and unless you have a big team of marketing staff dedicated to SEO it is hard to keep up. SEO professionals make money that saves you time and effort, at a cost you can afford easily.

Search Engine Leads are useless
Search engine leads  takes a qualified majority, because they come from people looking for exactly the products and services search engine has indexed. They are looking for you, not vice versa. Note that you must target the right keywords and that is the job of his SEO company to help you in choosing the right keywords.

Repeating keywords will elevated your page rank
This is quite complicated, which sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Keyword density of 3 to 15% is recommended to adjust the page for higher placement in search engine function individually. Along with the optimization efforts and adjustments, the proper keyword density to be in the top list. A keyword density is too high, being on the list below or penalized.

Hidden links on a page helps to better ranking
Keyword stuffing and hidden links on the page can get your site penalized or banned if found out. It is considered spam by some engines. Most people think it worth the risk.

Reciprocal linking is very useful for better ranking
Outbound links to related and unrelated sites are included in page rank. One-way links higher figure than reciprocal links. The quality of the input links to your site, the higher the PR, but nobody knows exactly how Google and its factors of PR algorithm is constantly adjusted. A million links to and from unrelated sites could drop your PR.

Updations in site helps in ranking
By routine maintenance  like removing outdated material, fixing broken links, queries, etc. and updating your pages regularly, you are signaling the bots and crawlers to come back and re-crawl your site for changes to their listings. To maintain high standings, you need to keep at it and tweak the pages for better results if necessary. If neglected, your standings could easily slip out of the top rankings as new competing sites get indexed and optimized.

Only keyword can improve your ranking, code or content doesn’t matter in a site
If you want to steadily improve your ranking, you must make changes to your site that help the search engines spider it. You might temporarily raise your ranking by running regular queries and reports on search engines for your keywords but steady results are dependent on your willingness to optimize and tweak the code and content of your pages. A simple thing like fixing broken links can contribute to elevating your listings. It’s one of the most overlooked search engine tweaks. Search engines will not continue to spider a site when it runs into a number of broken links.

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