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Improve Your Local Search Visibility with These Local SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is common method to bring your website to the first page on Google search engine result pages. Webmasters must really familiar with this, but have you heard about local SEO? Local SEO has same idea with SEO in general, but local SEO means to get visitors from your area. While you are targeting the visitors from worldwide, you must not forget about the locals. You can take a lot of advantages from that. To help you out in improving local SEO for your website, here we have four tips to improve your search visibility.

Backlinks from local websites

You can link your website to other similar website with same business and area, so when people type in your area and business in search engine, your website will appear in first page and likely get high rank. The point is that you have business in London, but get many backlinks from New Zealand; Google will assume you are from New Zealand. So, it is better to have many backlinks from local websites.

Use local keywords

You also need to use local keywords to state your website location. The amount of local keywords inserted in your website depends on your interest, but the more the better. Do not forget to put the local keywords into Meta data, as well as page elements, anchor text, etc.

Put your website into directories

Having your website into directories is not bad idea because not all directories are bad. There are many directories websites available that have high rank and not flagged as spam from Google. You can choose to put your website into free or paid directories. But, some of directories websites won`t allow its user to add more specific info like address and location. If it so, then just let the default setting but you won`t appear as website from London, instead you may appear that you are from the website owner`s area.

Put your business on Google locations and maps

To get your business listed in Google Locations which automatically put you on the Maps, you have to follow Google SEO checklist. It takes you few days for the confirmation before your business is listed there, but it is worth things to do because once your website listed in Google locations and Maps, Google will put your website on the first page whenever people type your business and your area.

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