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If Your Website Didn’t Show Up On Google’s Search

You get all excited for you new website is finally published on the net. After all the stress and hard work, you now can run your business website and compete with others company in the world-wide web. You learn that to win a competition in the internet, you must do some search engine optimization to promote your website and get more traffics. But when you type your website on Google’s search bar, it isn’t showing up? What happen? How are you going to get high page rank with your site doesn’t even show up on Google?

If this happened to your website it means your site is not being indexed by Google and there are a few things you need to do. There are:

1.    Check for any contents that is in Flash

Content in Flash will not be indexed by any search engines, they just don’t like Flash. If you have contents with Flash, remove it and replace with images. Flash contents are difficult to search which will prevent your website from getting high page rank. Also, Flash contents make loading time run slower, especially with when you have slow internet connection.

2.    Have a Sitemap

Sitemap is a page which includes a list of all the pages on your website. A sitemap helps visitors to navigate through your website and also makes the search engine crawl easier all over your pages, thus your website will be indexed. There are free sitemap generators online to help you create sitemap on your own. Afterwards, you need to make sure you’ve got the basics covered in the navigation bar, such as “Home”, “About Us” and “Reciprocal Links”. After this point, it is very likely that your website has been indexed. It does however, take a few days to go through so don’t panic if it doesn’t show up immediately on Google. Just be patient, try typing it in Google’s search bar again in a few days.

3.    Use the Google’s Webmaster Tools

If your website still not showing up on Google’s search bar, then it’s time you use Google’s webmaster tools. Enter you website in it so it would be indexed. But you have to have a sitemap before you enter your website on Google webmaster so the entire pages in your website can be indexed by Google.

Google is the best search engine right now with huge number of users and have high page rank could be every webmaster’s dreams. But you should not put aside other search engines as they are as important as Google. Your website should also be indexed by Yahoo and Bing. After all, the more people that end up coming to your website, the better for you!

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