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How to Improve the Bounce Rate

how to improve bounce rateWhether you have business website or personal blog, loyal visitors are what you wish for to visit your site regularly. While there are many tricks and strategy to attract visitors, but the time they spend on your side is vital too.

How long your visitors spend on your site is called as Bounce Rate. One of the best tools to measure bounce rate is available on Google Analytics. This tool gives you the percentage of single page visits of total visits. For more about what is bounce rate you can read my post “What Your Bounce Rate Tell about Your Site”. For this post I want to talk more about how to improve the bounce rate. These are some way you can do to improve your website’s bounce rate:

1. Content is still the king

How many times you leave a page as fast as you can after you read a few paragraphs although it provides the information you wanted? The page might be have a lot of grammatical error and was written in unappealing way that you just skipped to the next page? So yes, content is still the king. Improve your writing skill if necessary or pay a writer if you can’t.

2. Intriguing title

An arousing curiosity title is a must because it will be the first sentence that your visitors read. But don’t trick visitors with title that not describe the content you write or they will leave your page as soon as they can. Also, don’t be general; create a specific title related to your content.

3. Links to related contents

Put links to other pages of your site to keep visitors on your website for longer time. Place a hyperlink with the title of the post or your keyword as anchor text. This way you may get the visitors to another page and Google will value the link which result can be seen on your page ranking. And make sure the link opens in a new window so the visitors can stay in the page they are reading while browsing to your other pages. Ensure that you host your site from a reliable and best web hosting company thus you will have high uptime.

4. Go easy with the images

Images, plug-ins, etc can make your website looks attractive, but some are also able to slowing your site’s loading time. Average internet users will not wait for your page to load; they just don’t have the patience.

There they are — four excellent actions that you can follow today to begin lowering your bounce rate, maintaining your website’s visitors involved, as well as pleased with your site!

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