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How & Where to Use Deep Linking

deep linkingIt can be frustrating if you have done a lot of SEO works but you can’t see any increment on your traffic, even your bounce rate won’t show lower percentage. So you did an evolution of your link building technique and found that most of your inbound links are aimed to your home page. According to some SEO experts, this type of inbound links is bad for SEO strategy.

When visitors click this kind of links, they will not get the relevant content that they want and most likely will leave your site. In result, you will have high bounce rate. That’s why you need to imply deep linking strategy. What is deep linking?

Deep linking is creating links from one internal page to another internal page of your site and/or linking your internal pages to other websites. I think you already know how to link internal pages to other internal pages in your own website. So in this post, I would like to focus on creating deep links to other websites. There are 5 places where you can optimize your deep linking strategy. Here are they:

1. Social Media Sites

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on have been everyone’s favorite to get backlinks. And they’re quite good too to generate traffic to your site. When you use any of social media sites, ensure that you give internal page link, not link to your home page.

2. Forum Signature

Whether it’s in the signature or comments in a forum, choose URL link to your internal pages, not your home page.

 3. Email Signature

Links from an email signature may not be crawled by search engines, but it still useful to bring traffic. Choose links to interesting internal pages so visitors will get interested and spend more time on your site.

4. Blog Comment

Blog commenting is another SEO technique that well-known by anyone who works on SEO of a site. But many of them still use home page link when leave comments on other’s blogs. If you used to do this, change your tactic to use link to internal page on the comment. And remember to choose that is relevant to the blog post.

5. Article Submission Directory

On the article you are about to submit to an article directory, choose an anchor text that is relevant to one of your internal page and create a link from that anchor text. This will give readers of what they are going to find, if it’s what they are looking for then you just have their curiosity triggered.

Basically, deep linking tactic should be used in any websites. This tactic is important to get more of your web pages indexed, increase the site authority and raise overall relevancy.

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