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Five SEO tips for 2014

Google has made big changes to its search engines algorithm in 2013. This change also affects the search engine optimization (SEO) in 2014. Generally, Google makes about 500 adjustments for its algorithm every year. But 2013 changes were the greatest so far. Those changes were made to improve Google`s quality of search results. The effect of the changes to those who practice SEO has become more frustrating, confounding and game-changing.

Digital marketers said every time they recover from one update from Google, and then there will be another one. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates from Google make the SEO practice become more fragile. But, for digital marketer or webmasters out there just don`t panic because experts have opinions that SEO still can work, just like the previous years. To help you out, here we have five tips from expert about how the Google changes make impact to the SEO practice in 2014 and how to adapt with new situation.

1.      SEO will always survive

SEO will always exist as a practice for digital market content. It is because SEO is like a set of methods and strategies to optimize our business. Instead of chase the algorithm, many webmasters or digital marketers put more attention to create content that ‘in line’ with market demand.

2.      SEO = content marketing

Content marketing trend this recently is no other than SEO in more complex form, but experts say that there is no different between SEO and content marketing while. They claim that produce content with great quality is getting harder, but SEO tactics can overcome it by earn links from good contents from bloggers.

3.      SEO and content marketing are getting synonymous

While content marketing term is quite popular now, but experts say that traditional SEO methods like keywords positioning, tag each page and maintain good website structure are still work this day.

4.      SEO basics are never too old

Experts realize that SEO has changed; it becomes way to optimize and get traffic, but on-page SEO and keyword research are still important steps to do.

5.      Social presence is more important than SEO rank

Experts say it`s not about SEO era are over or search ranking become the only measure for digital business, but strong social presence is more reliable way to build brand awareness and get traffic into your website with less effort. But still, put some effort in SEO also a right thing to do.


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