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Effective Techniques to Build Website Links (2)

A newly launched website requires hard work and time taking process to reach good page rank. In previous post we have discuss techniques that can be used to improve search engine rankings. In this post we will get better understanding about website links terms and practices.

What is website links

Links are simple url to your website from other relative website links pages or content. A website link is a food or patrol for your website which helps your website in couple of ways as follow:

1. Increase search engine ranking

2. Increase Google page rank

3. Help to reach people easily

4. Show the importance of the website

Links terms

  1. Deep links: links directly to your main and sub pages from other websites.
  2. One way links: site that put your website link on their pages and you don’t need to put there link on your website. Generally SEO based links directory provides paid listing for one way links.
  3. Multi-way links: a technique used for website promotion which a website may create similar one-way links that each involves 3 or more partner sites. This provides each website with a one-way non-reciprocal link. This technique has evolved from reciprocal linking.
  4. Reciprocal links or links exchange: website which have your link and in return you must provide a mutual link to that website.

The key is to create links from website that have same content, products, services or business you are offering.

How to find relative websites offering links exchange?

Finding websites that have same contents and offer links exchange is simple as googling. Using same example in previous post, a website selling sports products, such as boxing, karate, soccer balls, shirts, jerseys, etc. You then look for a link partner which have the same content and products on Google search engine and just enter following queries:

“Add Link” Sports Products (you may use any keyword)

“Submit link” boxing

“Add URL” soccer ball

“add your link” any keyword

“add web” any keyword

“add website” any keyword

“submit website” any keyword

“submit url” any keyword

“exchange link” any keyword

“add site” any keyword

Above are very useful search terms on Google which will show you similar website.

Final technique of building website links

Let suppose your main page have a keyword “Boxing Products” or whatever your website is focus on. Go to Google, put that keyword on search engine and you will see list of couple of websites. Copy the url of first website that appear in Google search result. Website that appear as first in Google search result must has good back links and good search engine ranking. Then visit each websites that provide theirs back link in the first website, try if they can add your website. Do this technique to the second and third website that appeared in Google search result.

Use this technique on Yahoo search engine to find back links. Yahoo gives more back links than Google. Always remember to put your links only to websites that have relatively similar products, services or business. You can also improve your website page rank by blogging posting on forums, comments and by reviewing url that are listed in directories.

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