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5 SEO Tools to Help You Achieve Better Rank in SERP

While traditional SEO methods are still acceptable things to do to boost your web`s visibility from search engines, there is nothing wrong if you also use some SEO tools to help you create better content and give your page`s better rank.

About create better content, as webmasters or digital marketers you can create contents that will attract people`s attention and make them willingly to share it via social media, blogs or other websites. To achieve this, you have to create content close with relevant keywords so search engines can index your page in right way. To help you out with SEO things, there are many tools available. Here we have listed five SEO tools to help you achieve higher page rank in search engine.

1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

It has funny name, but its service is not funny at all; it`s more serious and useful tool to help your page`s SEO. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider is a desktop program that works like search engine`s spider because this tool sends its spider or crawler to a website and generate report about the pages it crawls. In the spreadsheet-like report provided by this tool, you can see title tags, URLs, Meta keywords, Meta description and also the possibility of 404 errors. The basic program is completely free, but if you wish to have more powerful SEO tool, you can choose the premium version of it for about $150 per year.

2. SpyFu

Even though SpyFu is premium tool that will cost you $79 per month, but SpyFu is powerful keyword research tool that provide its user useful intelligence to see what keywords are used on their competitors and even next keyword they plan to use to rank in search engine result page (SERP).

3. Browseo

The name of this tool combine ‘browse’ and ‘SEO’ word into one. This tool will give you comprehension report about a page`s structure and also its relevance for specific keyword. This free SEO tool offer helpful hand to analyze particular web pages.

4. Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahrefs Site Explorer is a perfect tool to help you find out information about backlinks or external links from the website you are reviewing. Just enter the URL and this tool will show how many backlinks or external link that website has. This tool works like Google Webmaster Tool, but sometimes Ahrefs show you more detailed information. This tool is good to determine whether your site has a lot spam links.

5. Copyscape

Unlike other tool, Copyscape is web-based tool to help you find other websites that may have same content as yours. This website also a good place to find if there are other websites copied your content.

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