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5 Free SEO Tools from Google

If you are looking for trusted SEO tools to help your website gain better rank in Google search engine result page (SERP), you can choose these free SEO tools provided by Google. It is completely free to use and many experts rely on it too. Why? Because experts say these free tools from Google are the most critical tools to figure out why a website can has high or low traffic and rank. Fancy to know? Here are five free SEO tools from Google.

1. Google Suggest
If you type any keyword phrase into Google search box, Google will directly suggest related phrases based popular terms by other users as well as your search history. When you want to know what Google search engine will suggest for certain keyword, simply type a keyword phrase into the search box and see what Google will relate it to any keyword ideas.

2. Google AdWords Keywords Tool
This free tool is designed for webmasters who write ads that run on Google`s SERP (search engine results pages) and on other affiliated websites. Google AdWords Keywood Tool is very useful for any website developer and this tool is the most popular SEO tools among experts. This free SEO tool from Google is a recommended tool if you want to do keyword research. It provides you with information such as search volume for certain keyword phrase, domestically and internationally.

3. Google Webmaster Tools
This tool is one of essential and free tool for SEO. Google Webmaster Tool will help you diagnose possible error in your site so search engine crawler can`t reach your page effectively. This tool also will help you perform other tasks to improve your website. Basically, this tool is easy to use, but for those who lack website management experience will find this tool quite challenging.

4. Google Analytics
This free SEO tool from Google is one of powerful tools to figure out why a site has high or low traffic. Google Analytics allows website managers to see visitor demographics, bounce rate for each page on certain website and many more. The most popular service from this free SEO tool is the website manager can see what keywords that will bring many visitors to their site by comparing with other popular website.

5. Google YouTube Keyword Tool
If you have videos posted in YouTube or have YouTube videos on your page, this tool is will help you optimize it and gain better rank in Google search engine results pages. Experts recommend use this tool to find best keywords to make your YouTube videos rank high both in Google search and YouTube search.

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