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4 Twitter Tools to manage your account

As social media, Twitter is one of popular social network out there. Many companies create their business account there to promote and engage with the customers. The existence of Twitter is essential to boost your product or services. Thus, you need to have good Twitter management so you won`t miss what`s trend in your industry, what`s customer looking for and soon.

So, let`s follow the Social media experts path to use Twitter tools to manage your account in better way. Here are they!


Tweetdeck is desktop twitter tool that will allow you to handle multiply accounts in same time. You also can add the columns with different accounts or trends relate to your industry. Tweetdeck allow you to always monitor the activities from the person that you follow and able to send longer message by using their Deck.ly service. This service creates shortened URL if your tweet beyond 140 characters. The interface is clean, simple and easy to customize. And you can get this tool free from Chrome store.


Hootsuite is one of popular Twitter tool used by social media experts too. It is quite similar with Tweetdeck, but Hootsuite is a freemium tool if you only have five social media accounts to manage, but the pro version will give you unlimited number of social media accounts to manage in same screen, but you need to pay 5.99USD per month. Hootsuite also has nice interface with simple navigation but give big impact to your Twitter management as well as other social media accounts.


Twitterfeed allow you to add RSS feed and share it automatically through your social media profiles, like Twitter, Facebook and the other. Twitterfeed also allow you to customize your tweets to show the title of your post, shortened the link and even add a RT so people or blogger who you are following in your industry area will know that you are actively sharing their posts. This is a great way to build audience automatically.


Bit.ly is not URL shortening service. Its free account will give its user access to a dashboard where you can shorten you content links and share them to multiple Twitter accounts. You also can monitor your stats to any Bit.ly links through your dashboard. As bonus, you can even create your very own custom short domain to match your brand. Just like what Mashable did with their shorten link to on.mash.to

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