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3 Useful Tools for Better Twitter Marketing

The existence of social media is the best way for someone out there to take marketing strategies to the new level. One of social media that is popular as digital marketing resources is Twitter. Try to build the brand awareness, chit chat with the customers as well as potential customers, build good relationship with other company in industry and many more. You have many options to use Twitter as your tool for a success marketing campaign.
But sometimes you will figure out that it is quite tough and challenging to know what strategy works for your brand or company and what`s not. To help your life, Twitter released Twitter Analytics recently to help you, digital marketers, or someone who cares about success campaign to overcome any obstacle in measuring success through Twitter marketing.

In a glimpse, Twitter Analytics has some basic functions and tools. It has three different categories: tweets, followers and Twitter cards. In Tweet category, you will provide with summary of your tweets and impressions about which area of your follower who click the tweet the most (help you to have develop great market). In Followers, you will get in-depth details about your followers and in Twitter cards category let you attach media experiences and tweet about your content after approval process.

Looking for similar analytical tools to help you work the marketing strategies to your fullest? Here we have three useful tools you can use to help you examine and monitor the performance of your Twitter account.

1. Twitter Counter
Twitter counter requires you to connect your Twitter account with their app, but do not need to worry because it is great app. It has Twitter Widget to help you inform who visit your website through link posted on your Twitter status. It also has Profile Checker that will allow you to check and diagnose your account and give helpful tips to have success Twitter marketing. There are many free and great tools offered by this website. It is available for Mozilla, Safari and Chrome.

2. Twitonomy
Twitonomy is a very useful analytics tool to help you get detailed details and visual analytics about your Twitter account as well as your followers and people you follow. Twitonomy permits you to do that. It also allows you to monitor tweets and most used keywords searched by your favorite users. Twitonomy is surely a great app to use because it offers you tons of great tools for better twitter marketing.

3. Tweetails
Tweetails is a free Twitter analytical tool by MEMSET. It offers statistic calculation of your own tweet as well as anyone`s else. Tweetails will let you to find the most mentioned users by your Twitter account and most favorite words, etc. It also ask you to connect your Twitter account with this app.

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