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3 Simple Tips for Digital Marketing on a Budget

For every company, marketing is one of important task to do to make the business run smoothly. Big companies usually spend great amount of money for marketing division, but how about the start-ups which has low or even no budget for marketing? Well, at this rate where internet plays big part in our live, you can use them as your marketing tool. Most of digital marketing tool through internet are free. Here are some ideas how you can bear with the financial limitation through digital marketing.
1. Build contacts
The first thing you can do is building initial contact on email. You can start looking for potential customers through internet and get their email. When you get them on hands, start to contact them through email. Not a hard thing to do, right! Then how to send the right email marketing? there are certain things you should do, like keep it simple email with no images, go straight to your point; selling your product, then write about the benefits of your product for them, and keep one email with one objective. Keep in mind that the shorter the better, too.
The essential of email marketing is to let people know about our business, even just in start up and targeting right people for our product or services.
2. Social Media blast
Social media is everywhere now. The popularity of social media is getting high this lately. This is one of the best tools you can use from internet, for free. Yes it`s free! Almost all social media platform offer free and instant account creation and you can start right away. Visual look also plays big part here. Instead of just writing description about your product through social media, why don`t you include image on it too. Visual look usually attract people to see what`s product is it. So, social media with visual ability like Pinterest and Instagram is must-have for your business, while other social media like Twitter or Facebook shouldn`t be forgotten, too.
3. SEO Implementation
Right SEO implementation is more likely for long term benefit than short one. You can apply right SEO strategy on your online website so when people try to search company or business in your kind, your business will list on search engine result too. This task, at the end, will build your business`s visibility. The best SEO tip for startup is finding right keywords for your website and use it wisely. The rest will follow.

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