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3 Newest SEO Myths in 2014

Are you still looking for the best SEO practice to your site? Well, actually there is no certain SEO practice that will give best results out of all. Honestly, you can find your very own SEO strategy that works best for your website. You have to test the ideas constantly on your site to see the real outcome. If you already found your perfect SEO tactic, stay with it. You can adapt new SEO plan when the market has proven them. If your current SEO plan is not working, try to learn back the fundamentals and try different strategy to get the best result.

While there are many published information about SEO, some myths have been here all along. Wonder about those SEO myths? Here are three new SEO myths that emerged lately.

1. Guest posting is bad for SEO:

This is one the newest myth for this year. Google`s head of web spam, Matt Cutts published famous blog entry about how Google will penalize you if the guest posting which contain spam link found scattered in your website. But don`t assume that all guest posting is bad. You can still make good content for guest posting that really targeting your market, not just rubbish things to say out.

2. Social Media Success Drive SEO:

You must ever heard about social media is the new SEO. We can`t deny that. The popularity of social media platforms has been increasing these past few years and almost all business in the world have social media strategy as part of marketing plan. You should have social media strategy, but don`t think its success will lead your site`s rank jump up in search engine. For your information, Google has continuously denied the use of social media signs as ranking factor (note it), but having engaging social media strategy will build your brand`s visibility, have positive two-way communication with your customers. Summary; social media is good for marketing but not for search engine rank system.

3. Author Rank helps SEO:

In June 2011, Google announced Authorship Markup, an identity-verification process that links content you published to your Google+ profile page. This method will make Google easier to track your content online. People start to assume that the authors who are most authoritative will get higher rank from Google. It is not true. You should put effort to get authority of your online contents, but do it for the sake of your brand`s reputation and bigger visibility chance. Even though Google says it won`t affect, but it still worth to do, for long term SEO gains.
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