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10 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Beginner

Pinterest is no longer underdog in social media market because this simple yet powerful social media is getting popular these days. Same like Instagram, the popularity of Pinterest is rising because people like visual more than just plain text when it comes to promote your product / services. By the way, if you still really new with this social network, Pinterest is social networking site that allows the users to create ‘pinboards’, place for online image collages with related fields and you can share it quickly with other interest users too.

In short word, Pinterest is like online portfolio of your business and things relate to that. In Pinterest, there is term of board which mean place to put same category pictures in one place. You can create many boards in your Pinterest account in case you have many products or services to sell. Then you can add pictures or videos to the board by pinning them.

Pinterest is another powerful social media for marketing and building your brand awareness because it is image based social media, which mean pictures speak more than text, so people just love it. So if you are new to Pinterest and want to use it for marketing your business, here we have 10 tips for beginners like you.

  1. Make sure to use your business name on your profile for maximum impact. Use your business name as your username when you create a new account.
  2. Fill the ‘About’ section with short but descriptive words about your business and what your core business is. It will show up under your profile photo and people can recognize who you are through the profile.
  3. Connect your Pinterest account with your other social media like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest will automatically add social media icons under your profile which connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  4. Remember to put your business website URL in your profile, too. Usually people write it in ‘About’ section
  5. Create creative and interesting board names. If you have lots products to sell, you can create individually board for them, but remember to choose interesting and engaging title to invite people to see it.
  6. Pin lot of pictures and videos, instead your own products, to maximize your engagement and exposure. But be sure to pin related pictures/videos to your boards as well as your business.
  7. Give ‘like’ to other people`s pin that relate to your business. This feature will let people visit your board, have a look and like yours too.
  8. When you pin pictures, don`t forget to add description under it. If it comes from your own product, don`t forget to put your business name on it, but if it just random pictures you can write creative description about it.
  9. Pin videos too! All YouTube videos provide Pinterest button to pin every videos you want and it is super easy.
  10. Add ‘follow me on Pinterest’ button on your website to tell people you are in Pinterest too.


Happy pinning, then!
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