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Reseller Hosting and Internet Marketing

To start with internet marketing, it is better for you to become a re-seller first. Why? It is because you can learn from the seller how to deal with the customers and how to sell the products. These are some points on how to become a reliable re-seller.

Not only Re-Selling but Also Promoting

First of all, you should ask about the rules to your sellers first. The writer suggests that you should look for sellers who accept dropship. Dropship is when you re-sell other products with your online shop’s name as the sender. So, if there are customers who want to order, you can simply send the data and transfer the money to your seller, and s/he will pack and send the goods to your customers, with your name on the package as the sender. It is easy, right? In conclusion, all you have to do in this internet marketing is to promote.

Second, ask the sellers about the price. Is the price will be the same as other customers or will it be reduced since you re-sell and promote their products? There are some sellers who reduce the price for re-sellers if you can get at least five buyers, but there are also some of them who sell as if you are their customers because the price is already cheap. It is up to you to choose which one.

Third, be a reliable re-seller. You can take their products’ pictures for promotion’s needs, but never take testimonials which they get from their own customers. It is strictly prohibited. Once you do this, your seller will be less respect of you, and forever blacklist you from the re-seller’s list as the result. If you want to get positive feedback, then do your best. Do not only be reliable and be friendly to your own customers, but always remember to look for sellers which have high quality products. By doing this, the writer is sure that you can get your own testimonials without grabbing others’.

Fourth, give your own discounts. This is necessary, especially if you are a newbie in internet marketing. Create your own promotions, for example, if your customers buy at least three same products at once, they can get not only discounts but also free gift from you. Do not always think about your profit, but think more of the promotions and customers as the priority.

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