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How to Get Big Income with Reseller ASP.NET Hosting


There are two meaning of cheap reseller web hosting. One, it can mean a reseller will get a cheap package from the web hosting company which the reseller can sell it back for a high price. And second, a reseller sells a cheap web hosting packages. If you are a reseller, you definitely prefer the first option as it will give you more return income with less effort.

But are there any reseller hosting packages that can be sold at profitable prices? Actually, it all depends on your sales strategy. If you have a clear, well-defined and workable strategy, you likely will able to accomplish it, even in a competitive market place.

What you should look for in a reseller hosting packages

  1. Bandwidth to handle likely traffic volumes to the customer’s website
  2. Choices of environments: Windows, Linux, ASP.NET and more
  3. A control panel that enables the clients to manage their websites easily
  4. Email accounts that enables the client to receive and send emails under his or her own website address
  5. Traffic statistics the tells the customer how many visitors are landing on the website
  6. Help and support for the customer to set up and maintain the website

Adding values to the basic package will help a reseller competes in the market place. Such value addition can take many forms and include many options for the customer, including:

  1. Redundancy that can automatically switch customer data and files to another location if a problem emerges at their original location
  2. Easy or even automatic scalability of computing resources, including disk space and bandwidth, available to the customer that enables the person to handle peak volumes
  3. The option to pay only for resources that are actually used, instead of a fixed payment plan
  4. Availability of specific applications to meet custom requirements, such as installing WordPress to maintain a blog
  5. Website promotion assistance and tools such as, keyword research, link building and tutorials

Along with those five adding values, there are many more other values/features that a reseller can add on their hosting packages. Not only beneficial for the reseller, adding values will increase the marketability of the mother web hosting company.

One thing that quite crucial for a reseller to do is ensure that customers understand the features and how these translate into cost saving for them. By doing this, an expensive web hosting plan will appear as a cheap and affordable web hosting plan for the customers. Therefore, a reseller can earn higher margins and volumes.

Things to consider before starting a reseller hosting business:

  1. Ability to brand the hosting packages completely under reseller’s name
  2. Private name servers, so the original name servers will not divulge the fact that the hosting is provided by another entity
  3. How many domains can reseller can sell and how much disk space and bandwidth can be sell to each customer
  4. What type of control panel that can be offered to customers. Is it easy to use and will it support their branding efforts

These issues are important if reseller want to build a long-term business. The review will also help develop branding and marketing strategies. It is in such a context that cheap reseller hosting will acquire some real meaning, cheap in the sense that you provide high value for the money clients spend.

To view more information that could help you to take charge your reseller hosting plan, visit today. Start a live chat session with the clients support specialist to get more information about the reseller hosting plan that suitable for you.

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