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Reseller Hosting – Another Way of Making Money Online

If you are involved in any online business, then you should have seen or noticed that the Internet is constantly rising, both in amount and significance and the first step that everyone has to conquer to enter the online world is choosing the right hosting for your website. So if you really want to enter the virtual world after reseller is the best choice for you.
Reseller hosting allows the key benefit of creating revenue streams for companies that don `t have the time, money or resources to maintain their own servers and data centers. Furthermore, reseller hosting offers a business perspective ideal for those wanting to install an independent business for themselves. With reseller hosting, the customer can be ensured of obtaining much more stability in terms of service and the price as the reseller is always in search of a server that is free of problems and offers a great service.

In addition, customers can expect reseller for more help and support as reseller does not have to solve problems on the server. In normal cases of hosting, it is the web host responsibility to resolve host servers, but in the case of reseller hosting, the reseller may spend more time with customers as server troubleshoot is handled by the web hosting company. Due to this reason, reseller hosting is very profitable and is the preferred choice of many business houses, individuals and new businesses.


There are two types of reseller hosting services that are available on the market:

  • The agent reseller host

– This style of reseller is essentially an agent for the main host and markets their web hosting as if it’s their own services and the advertising looks as if the web hosting is with the real host and not with a reseller host.

  • Separate reseller

– This sort of reseller would seem as an independent hosting provider. This reseller host will seem like it’s their own and tend not to tell people that they are simply reselling a portion of web space and bandwidth.

  • DIY reseller host

– This reseller is a mixture of the two above. However, they like to do most of the work themselves. They’ll usually just purchase a big amount of space in addition to data transfer through the hosting company. They will then cut and split the hard drive space and bandwidth. They will then market it via many of the webmaster community forums and weblogs on the web.

Why you need a cheap reseller web hosting provider

Lots of people wonder why are there reseller hosting businesses yet hosting companies do not lose money by giving others the possibility of selling the same services that have worked so hard to build and protect? The answer is not so simple, they can not make as much money by selling their reseller hosting packages to such a good price. However to get a lot of brand exposure by people who visit your website. So now we have a look at these business models hosts, let’s see how it affects you. We know that the reason we are wanting to get into hosting is to make money right? Well with providers cheap reseller web hosting is so great, it helps you do just that!

How to select a cheap reseller web hosting provider

Deciding to take the leap of faith and enter the web hosting business is probably the tough part. It is recommended that you find a reliable cheap reseller web hosting provider. You must remember that their service is your service. Notice the important things, like the times of contact and contact methods. You need to ensure they are available when needed. If your customer has a problem and it takes 8 hours to solve it, there will be a difficult thing to explain to your customer. You should read the review written by another reseller (not shared hosting customers) about what working with the company from a business perspective is.

Nowadays, lots of companies offer reseller web hosting services and you can find these companies with no trouble for their hosting needs. Searching on the internet will give you an widespread list of hosting providers offering reseller hosting services. However, notice that all the companies do not provide the same quality of service. Doing a bit of research on the various hosting reseller companies would help you to find a company that will not only ensure of your web hosting needs, but would also guarantee that you a get value for the money that you spend.

For more information about Windows reseller hosting or ASP Reseller Hosting account, provides the affordable yet full features in the reseller hosting plan supported by a group of professional client support team.

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