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Reseller ASP.NET Hosting for Dummies

ASP.NET Reseller Hosting FAQ

Do you planned to start your own web hosting business with the ease of huge investment on purchasing and maintaining the server by yourself?

You can start your web hosting business right now by becoming a reseller hosting for a web hosting service provider.

Here are some commonly asked question about Reseller hosting.

What is Reseller Hosting?

In Reseller Hosting, a Reseller gets bulk disk space on our Windows servers. The Reseller can make Shared Hosting plans to sell web hosting space along with all the available features. In Reseller Hosting, the Reseller gets access to a Reseller Control Panel to manage his or her hosting operating, and the Reseller’s clients get access to End-User Control panels so they can manage their domains.

Who would want to resell web hosting?

A typical example would be a person or company who would like to own his or her own web hosting company. Another might be a web designer that would like to offer hosting services to show his or her customers that they support the hosting package. There are still some other reasons depend on individuals.

Do I need experience to start reseller hosting?

Experience is always a good thing. It would be valuable to know and have experience with the technical side of managing a web hosting business. It must also be remembered that web hosting is a business and this entails many things. You need to know, or at least be able to learn about, legal requirements, accounting requirements, and also customer support skills.

How can I charge for hosting services?

You should consider many factors when setting your prices for hosting such as what is your target market, your competitors pricing, and the what type of hosting package that you plan to provide.

How do I promote my web hosting business?

Start spreading you business through online and offline respectively. Many techniques involved but depends on the target markets and your budgets.

Some other good questions for you before you become a reseller

• Do you provide Private Label reselling?
• What different account types can you offer?
• What additional features can be added to an account?
• How quickly can you get a new customer up and running?
• What hours is your management staff available for problems and issues? Do you provide 24×7 supports?
• How often to you backup the servers?
• Do you provide money back guarantee, and how long is the guarantee period?

There are more questions regarding Reseller hosting. However, its never too late to seek for assistance on starting your own web hosting business with the help of the reliable web hosting company such as
With the affordable ASP.NET Reseller hosting plan and Windows Reseller hosting plan, clients can choose to setup their web hosting business fast and easily.

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