Sunday , 26 May 2024
Breaking News Launches New Control Panel: Install Wide-Range of E-Commerce Software Easily, a reputable web hosting company today launches control panel which supports the installation of various e-commerce software applications.

Current economic crisis has forced many people to seek for extra income to support their daily life. Many are turning to online business and becoming entrepreneurs. The new entrepreneurs come from different backgrounds, from father who lost his job to stay at home mother. The door of opportunity is open for anyone who is willing to take the challenge and ready to work hard.

Entrepreneurs and companies who want to have online presence and start selling their products or services need websites, particularly e-commerce websites. There are many choices of e-commerce software applications; most of them offer easy to design, user-friendly interface. One of the most reliable web hosting companies,, offers various e-commerce software applications for any kind of business.

ZenCart, CubeCart, osCommerce and XTCommerce are some e-commerce applications that available at SeekDotNet. What so special about web hosting plan is it offers control panel that supports the installation of various e-commerce software applications. One can either opt for ZenCart or osCommerce or other e-commerce software. This will be useful when an entrepreneur decide to create more than one e-commerce site or switch from one e-commerce software to another.

Every e-commerce software applications from requires either MSSQL or MySQL database to give maximum performance. Along with Isolated Application Pool which works to ensure the privacy and security of e-commerce website. Privacy and security are the must-have in every e-commerce sites since there are credit cards and other payments take place every day. After opting best-suited e-commerce software, then it’s time to work on other important elements. One must take notice on navigation, layout and design, auto-responder and SEO.

These steps may take time and hard work, but are necessary to achieve a successful e-commerce website. owns technology and SEO experts that will help its customers 24/7/365 to maintain their websites. And also makes sure the customers get their benefits from purchasing e-commerce software at SeekDotNet. For more information about e-commerce software at SeekDotNet, just contact

There are three types of hosting plans at which are Seek Basic, Seek Professional and Seek Ultimate. They come with different prices starting from $3.97 per month to $11.95 per month. One can choose one of these plans and purchases monthly, yearly or more subscriptions to get more discount.

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