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How to Optimize Your E-commerce Site

how to optimize your e-commerce site

Every website retailer desires to extend sales in their e-commerce site. However, if sales are less than what was expected, one should uncover the explanations and notice solutions.

Creating an e-commerce website is much more complicated than a personal website because of the importance of navigation and also the shopping cart. First, let’s examine your e-commerce website.

Is your e-commerce site visually appealing and user friendly?

Often, online retailers don’t seem to be certain who is their target customer, or if they are, they need to convert each visitor into a customer. If it is the case, your e-commerce site should be visually attractive and user friendly. The layout should be easy, for example, design the site with two or three columns with the main navigation menu located within the left or right column. The font color should be harmonized with the background to make the content easy to read.

For your online shop to be effective, the navigation menu should be both intuitive and logical. A simple navigation menu should begin with categories and subcategories of your products. Links must be written concisely and be easy to follow. Your website also needs a breadcrumbs path or a navigation aid to assist customers keeping track of their location inside the website. Your potential customers should be able to browse while not struggling to search out what they’re searching for.

Does the shopping cart show the overall price?

Shopping cart abandonment could be a vital issue in e-commerce. Why? Imagine this scenario: a customer is prepared to buy and proceeds to checkout, solely to check the shipping price is not included within the total price. If future customers need to register so as to see the whole price of their order, together with shipping, handling and sales tax (if any), this can produce doubt in their mind and that they will abandon the order.

If this can be how your shopping cart is intended, you or your e-commerce website designer has to reconfigure the shopping cart to indicate the whole amount the customer needs to pay before the checkout process.  Not solely does this facilitate customers to buy, however you have established a level of trust with them that there’s no hidden charges waiting after they complete their order.

If adding the shipping price is not possible while not knowing the customers shipping address, you must dedicate a page with shipping info. Customers will feel comfy knowing the shipping cost or an estimate. This helps them to create it easier to shop for.

Provide a useful search engine.

If you have a large inventory in your e-commerce website, adding a search engine form at the top of each page is important. However, the search engine should to be configured to return with the right answer and not show unrelated products. Customers don’t appreciate this type of advertising because it can create a negative perception of your business.

Provide a contact form

Customers who are searching for an item in your store, but don’t find it, will usually decide to contact you. A contact number or inquiry form will make it convenient for them.


Customers will have a positive experience shopping in your e-commerce website if don’t need to struggle to find what they’re looking for. The most effective practice for each successful online retailer is to own well-designed navigation, and a visually appealing layout. Buying your product is easy when the shopping cart reveals the overall price before checking out. Having an e-commerce website with all the elements mentioned above will help customers in purchasing your product. As an online retailer, your e-commerce {website should be a place to shop comfortably. Couple this with excellent customer service and you will increase sales in no time.

SeekDotNet offers various shopping cart applications to suit your business needs. Give us a visit, contact our staff and soon you will have your own successful e-commerce site.

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