Saturday , 25 May 2024
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Drupal 6.0 released

In Drupal 6’s major usability improvements, security and maintainability advancements, friendlier installer, and expanded development framework. Further, from bug fix to feature request, these issues follow-through on the Drupal project’s continued commitment to deliver flexibility and power to themers and developers.

There are only so many clicks in a day. With Drupal 6, the smooth new installer will get your web project up and running in minutes. More time for you to enjoy the new and intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

1. Quick and easy setup

Installing Drupal is now a snap, since the new installer guides you quickly through the process.

2. Drag and drop administration

Use drag-and-drop to create and manage your site’s menus. Move blocks around to change the content on your pages, or organize books intuitively by dragging pages within an outline.

3. All languages spoken here

Translate posts to different languages through an easy interface

Seekdotnet have supported also Drupal 5 besides Drupal 6 with Mysql Database and PHP 5 CGI , drupal can run properly in window server 2003 or window server 2008.

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