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Tips on Protecting Your Drupal Page

Hackers are everywhere. They may attack your Drupal page for no specific reason. They may also use it for irresponsible purpose. For the worst, they use it negatively, but all people consider that it is you, since the page is yours. So, to deal with this case, I provide you with some strategies.

Make Fun of Hackers

Let us make fun of hackers before they make fun of our Drupal page. First, after we install Drupal, we should change the permalink by using /%postname%/ instead of permalink default. Do not change it while running the program because it can cause error and lost index google.

Second, do some observations to know the best way to protect your page. You can simply start it by downloading an application to secure it completely. In addition, always remember to click on Security Mode. Do not only click create default.htaccess file, but also click create secure.htaccess file. By clicking those links, the Security Mode will be run completely.

After that, check your Security Status menu. If you see some notices in red colour, it means that you should do data backup until it changes into green. If it has been done, click on your firewall application. In every application, not only in firewall, usually there will be some information or notifications in form of codes. Do not forget to delete them because those codes may be used by the hackers. To make it safer, use functions.php on the template, then choose eliminate readme.html.

Next, do not forget to sign out after you have finished using your Drupal page, and it is better if you change the password of your Drupal page regularly. Do not only change the user part, but also change the C-Panel administrator password, just in case your own users are the hackers themselves.

Also, activate the configuration program, then choose ‘deny from all’. Then, hide the ‘Permission’ folder. After that, activate the vulnerability scanner, so you can detect if there is an error caused by hackers. In addition, if there are users who spread links on ‘Comment’ or feedback box, it is better to delete them immediately, just in case they are viruses or spam messages. Viruses or spam messages continuously can cause your page being blocked. To prevent it, you can also activate moderation mode. So, everytime there are new comments, you can filter them first before displaying them directly.

It’s also good if you host your Drupal site from the best windows hosting services to protect it from hackers and other issues.

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