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How to Hide Certain Pages on Drupal System

Sometimes, there are some pages which are not necessary and even inappropriate to be detected by search engine, for example some codes for installation which cannot be applied. Also, there are some irresponsible users, or we can call them hacker who post certain codes or spread links which lead us to error. But, do not worry since we can eliminate them from your Drupal system.

How to Get Rid of Unnecessary Pages

We can undetect pages that we do not want to appear in our Drupal system using special tag feature. Besides that, we can also use meta codes. But, since meta codes need a quite large amount of space, your Drupal will take longer time to load. So, the writer suggests you to use the special tag one. You can simply enter the setting menu on the dashboard before browsing anything. After there is a notification that it has been active, click the Search Preference. Enter the links or the codes you do not want, edit them if you want to add more URL, and always remember to save the change.

The second way to avoid detecting pages is by using ‘NO FOLLOW’. It will automatically set the search engine of your Drupal system not to follow the links you do not want to be detected. If this way does not work, then you can also do it manually by typing this instruction: <b:if cond=’data:blog.url == &quot; before adding the unwanted links or codes in ‘URL of the web page’ menu.

There are also some other options, such as ‘NOARCHIVE’ to prevent ‘cached’ on the search engine. ‘NOTRANSLATE’ is to hide the translations link or text from the search engine. It depends on your needs. If you need to translate the page, then do not activate this option. In addition, you can choose ‘UNAVAILABLE_AFTER’. It is useful for other users not to see the updates of your Drupal until certain time you want to.

In addition, check your Security Status menu to make sure that your Drupal is safely protected from those links. If it has been done, click on your firewall application. In every application, usually there will be some information or notifications in form of codes. Always remind yourself to add them into unwanted links as you will do in previous ways before. To make it safer, use functions.php on the template, then choose eliminate readme.html.

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