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Introducing Parts of Drupal

As a user of Drupal cms system, either a beginner or a Web Developer, of course you need some feature extensions to develop your website to be better in functions. Drupal system is famous for its flexibility in supporting the extensions and the development has already been well-known in CMS. So, here, I will explain further about the components of Drupal system.

Drupal’s Components and How They Work

There are five main parts of Drupal. They are plugin, theme, component, module, and language. The first main body of this system is component because it can support plugin, template, language, and module. The example of components are discussion forum, photo gallery, guest book, and many more.

The second part of Drupal system is module. Module is useful for accountants and office workers because it provides you with statistic research, latest articles, and popular articles. So, you can always keep update with those features. The third one is Plugin. Plugin is a part of module and component. Plugins are about typography, articles’ summary, social network, and sort of. Plugins are crucial for marketing and promotion because it is closely related to social network.

The next part is template. We can say that template is the most crucial part of Drupal since it can not only give a display for every user of the websites, but it can also make your page more attractive. When you install Drupal, the default templates have already been provided. In addition, you can browse and download other templates from websites.

Language is another part of Drupal which is flexible since it can be selected according to our language that we are familiar with. About the extensions, you can simply browse the extensions from websites. If you have opened the page, you can start to look for the extensions you want by clicking search engine.

To make it easier and reliable, you can also read some reviews from other users who have downloaded them previously. In addition, you can also do some trials since the extensions developer also provide a demo page on it. Moreover, if you need some solutions on your Drupal problem, you can ask the developer immediately. Just in case your Drupal cms faces some errors, you should check on your memory limit. Is there any sufficient space for its extensions? If not, then you had better scan or re-install it.

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