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Decorate your Drupal Page

What is Drupal page? Drupal is one of Content Management System (CMS) types which is based on a web. So, it is a software which you use to manage contents of a website. It is very useful for you to change or edit the contents easily and quickly. Not only to manage the contents, but you can also make your drupal page attractive by installing themes using the menu provided and creating slide shows.

Interesting Themes and Slide Shows

First of all, login to your Drupal page by entering the username, email address, and password. Run the Drupal system as administrator. Find ‘Appearance’ menu right after you login. In ‘Appearance’ menu, there is a ‘New Theme’ menu which you should click on. Click the ‘Install New Theme’ and ‘Upload Theme’.

There are other ways to get the theme for your Drupal page. You can browse the themes which have been provided in other websites. You can simply copy and paste the URL of your preference theme, then click ‘Install from URL’. So, the theme can later automatically change into the same which you have browsed before.

Otherwise, if you have already saved images to be used as the Drupal theme, just upload it right from your PC. Click ‘Upload a Module or Theme Archieve’, then click ‘Install’ button. If the theme has been properly installed, you will get a notification to save the change.

If you want to change the theme, extract the new one in C disk drive. Open it, then you will find xamp setting. After that, click on htdocs/yourdrupalname/sites/all/themes. To activate the theme which has been uploaded, select ‘Enable Newly Added Themes’.

In addition, if you want to make your Drupal page more interesting, you can select the image themes as slide show. You can use Andromeda, Danland, Responsive Blog, Fresh Theme, Corporate Clean, Touch Pro, and so on. Those theme applications have special folders to place the pictures we want to create as slide show. Those applications are flexible with the image size, amount, and the dimension.

There are also some effects which you can add, so that the slide show will not merely display the pictures one by one. You will also be able to set where the position of the slide show will be, so it will not only be displayed at the front page. Congratulations! Your Drupal page has been decorated!

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