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Why Use DotNetNuke

why use DotNetNuke



There are numerous methods and tools if you want to create a website. One of great content management system (CMS) you can use is DotNetNuke which is highly recommended.  If you’re not familiar with this CMS, I’ll give you a little information about DotNetNuke.

DotNetNuke is an open-source content management system ideal for creating and deploying projects such as commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, and online publishing portals. DotNetNuke is built on a Microsoft ASP.NET Visual Studio platform, and is easily installed and hosted. In other words, this CMS offers user-friendly process that allows anyone even a newbie to create and maintain a website or add features to a website.

Since DotNetNuke produced by Microsoft on the framework then it will work best on Windows operating systems. This can be perceived as disadvantages for Linux users, but with large number of users around the world, DotNetNuke (DNN) always being updated and improved.

So why then should you consider using this program?  In a word, control.  Business owners can make and alter content on the site with no professional help.  Suppose you take the plunge and do it yourself.  You learn everything you can from the DNN Website, you buy “DotNetNuke for Dummies” and read it cover-to-cover five times and then you use DNN’s modules to get going.  DNN has a professional edition — which you pay for — and a Community Edition — which is free.

The professional edition offers some security and analytic features more suitable for larger businesses and you can always upgrade later.  With the Community Edition you have access to modules ranging from FAQs to Maps to Calendars to Surveys to Events and Announcements to Reports to Links and to News.  These modules all allow for direct interaction between your visitors and the site itself.  If you want to spruce things up a bit you can buy some different skins or additional modules from third party vendors.  And best of all you don’t have to learn HTML to do this.

Download the software and start placing modules on your webpages — it’s a simple drag and drop operation.  Now let’s suppose you hired an outside consulting firm to do it for you. In either case, you have control over the content of the website.  You can make any changes you want to any page in your site right from the page itself.  All you have to do is identify yourself as site administrator and click a button on the page you are viewing to edit it and the changes will appear instantly.

After all those steps, another task to do and probably the most important is creating good content. Good content that best communicate your products and services is the key that leads to a successful website. With DotNetNuke you have the control to do that on your own.

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