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Try to Upgrade DotNetNuke to New DotNetNuke Version 8.0.3

In the previous article, we had already informed that one of some ways to secure your website is by doing the upgrade, especially for the software that is used. This case is also could be used for DotNetNuke. What is DotNetNuke? DotNetNuke is an open source CMS / content management system and it uses the VB.NET Language. Applications from this CMS can be widened through the usage of modul and skin so that this application can be used to make, spread and manage the intranet, extranet and website as well. Professional dotnetnuke version had covered the addition of security system, stability and guarantee support from the products or applications. Besides that, it is also available in a cheaper price than the other application. Just like the other software, DotNetNuke also needs to be upgraded at anytime it needs to be.

In fact, upgrading the old DotNetNuke to the new version is not a piece of cake. Many people had some problems to do that. Below we will try to give some information in order to perform a simple DotNetNuke upgrade. So, check it out.

  1. First of all, check the for knowing the latest version and for this case we will use the DotNetNuke version 8.0.3.
  2. Test the upgrade by making the test environment. It will help you in establishing the possible issues.
  3. Take the inventory that can be gotten from the third party modules. Check their compatibility as well against the newest DotNetNuke version.
  4. Learn and follow the direction that you can find on the upgrade path that is prvided by DotNetNuke.
  5. Once you have learned about the path upgrade, you will be able to know which version has to be upgraded first. You can get the upgrade package from
  6. For separating file location on your PC, please unzip the upgrade package.
  7. Back up the database and test site’s system files
  8. Overwrite your test sites files with the files of upgrade packages.
  9. To begin the upgrade, browse the http://YourTestSiteHere”.com/install/install?mode=upgrade
  10. If the upgrades were finished, don’t for get to perform the testing for making sure that your website and all the modules work well.
  11. After that, upgrade your production site and create its backup
  12. Overwrite the sites file system with the packages of upgrade
  13. Navigate to the http://YourTestSiteHere”.com/install/install?mode=upgrade and follow all the instruction of upgrading.
  14. If the upgrade process was finished, test your website again especially for its functionality
  15. Repeat the steps at the number of 3 – 14 until you got what your desired DNN version.

Those are some simple steps that you can do to upgrade the newest DotNetNuke version, included the new DotNetNuke version 8.0.3. We knew that upgrading the dotnetnuke version can be so frustrating. However, many people had already tried these ways and they did it. That is why; there is also a big possibility that you can upgrade your desired dnn or dotnetnuke version as well.

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