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Dedicated Server

Tips for Maintaining your Dedicated Server Hosting Maintenance

Server is should be in an up to date condition and free of some issues that are related with security aspect. That is why; maintenance is an important thing to do for the management server. Below are some easy tips for you to maintain the dedicated server hosting. Do not forget to do Backup If you saved so many important …

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When to Switch to a Dedicated Server Hosting

When your online business is growing progressively and more and more visitors come to your website then it is the sign that you may need to switch to a dedicated server. A dedicated server hosting is needed if you wish to remain competitive. Many people still uncertain whether to switch to dedicated server to host their websites. Deciding when is …

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Dedicated Server Hosting – What to Consider

  Although there are many web hosting options out there, there are always constant demands for dedicated server hosting. Most of its users are business corporations that need much more control over the server that are being used.  Acknowledge these demands, many web hosting provider offer plenty of rewards within their dedicated server hosting plans. These rewards might look very …

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Dedicated Server, Server and Mainframe

What is a Server This post may will bored you who familiar with internet technology but I would like to discuss about dedicated server from A – Z. It is mean I have to begin from the most basic information which means I will start on what a server is. A server, in computer terms, is a system which connected …

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How Dedicated Servers Benefit Your Business Website

Starting a business website sometimes can be tough task. There are tons of details to consider, from designing properly, creating it as user-friendly as possible. However, once all taken care of, you need to own it hosted properly, so as to make sure that visitors can continuously access your site whenever they want to, be it in late afternoon, or …

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4 Points to Consider Before Choosing a Dedicated Server

Decide what dedicated server hosting you are going to use for your business online is not an easy step.  Your decision will do good or it will harm your website. Downtime, thoughtless support, bad network will crush your website and revenue very fast.  There are four points that you should regard if selecting a dedicated server host:

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