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When to Switch to a Dedicated Server Hosting

dedicated server web hosting

When your online business is growing progressively and more and more visitors come to your website then it is the sign that you may need to switch to a dedicated server. A dedicated server hosting is needed if you wish to remain competitive.

Many people still uncertain whether to switch to dedicated server to host their websites. Deciding when is the right time to upgrade your hosting service to a dedicated server may be a tough call, especially when you don’t know the important points to consider. There are some factors you can use as consideration when deciding to move up to dedicated server:

  1. How many sites you have, what type of sites are they and how much traffic do they get
  2. If you have a small number of static HTML sites that aren’t getting a huge amount of traffic, shared hosting should work fine for you for quite some time.
  3. Once you have multiple sites (especially sites run by scripts such as WordPress, forum software, or a content management system) and are getting a lot of traffic, a move up could be needed. In fact, most shared hosts will insist on it.
  4. When your traffic/computing power usage levels demand it, or when the site(s) nature demands it.


Sometimes we have doubt because we don’t have enough information about the thing in concern. Let me give you a simple explanation of what a dedicated server is. Think of a dedicated server as a computer. It has a CPU, motherboard, RAM, a hard-drive, an internet connection and everything that makes a computer is a computer.  So, a dedicated server is a single computer that linked up to a network and dedicated to serve the network’s needs.  In a broad term, it means the exclusive configuration and use of a computer on a network.  The most common uses for a dedicated server are: web hosting, development, files serving, email/mail server, data backup/remote backup, files serving, gaming, and many more.

It sounds simple but unfortunately dedicated servers are much more expensive. However, if you finally decide to switch to a dedicated server, your IP address will have a positive impact on your search engine rankings.  And the price that you have to pay for upgrading to a dedicated server web hosting is completely out compensate the increase in targeted traffic you will receive.




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