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How to Increase Blog Traffic, Subscribers and Social Sharing of Content

It is always interesting for discussing the ways to increase blog traffic, isn’t it? Yes, increasing the blog traffic is maybe not an easy thing to do, especially if you were a newcomer on this blogging world. However, you have to be not worried because below are some tips that you can do to increase you blog’s traffic.

  1. Increase the Subscribers of your Email
    If you increased the number of your email subscribers, a percentage of these subscribers will click on a link that you are attached every time you send the email news letter. So, you have to be focused on building your email subscribers first before you were ready to increase your blog traffic. Make sure that you concentrate on this thing first.
  2. Optimizing the Contents that You Made
    The second tip in How to Increase Blog Traffic, Subscribers and Social Sharing of Content is by optimizing every content that you made for your blog. Many people are maybe though that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not important, but this is totally wrong. In fact, many blog got their more than 60% traffic by doing this optimization process. This optimization just needs some basic things such as the keywords from Google Keyword Planner Article, Finding some reasonable keywords, start to write content and many more.
  3. Do not forget to create a Stand Out Content for Your Blog
    We understand that it is so hard for always making the perfect content every time you want to post content. However, for a solution you have to make at least one content that stands out. To make a great content, you have to do some research about the effective keywords in Google, optimizing your post, link a post with the other posting on your site, and many more things that you can do.
  4. Try to always promote your content
    You have to know that social media is a great tool to get more visitors to come and see your blog. For this case, at last you will increase the traffic of your blog. That is why; you can take some advantages from this. However, try for not going straightway by only promoting your business. As it is named, it is better for using the social media as a place to share about your social life. As time goes by, you can start to promote your business and content. The best way is by involving on a community and tries to share your content to them.
  5. Optimize the old contents
    The last tip on How to Increase Blog Traffic, Subscribers and Social Sharing of Content is by optimizing some old contents that you owned and treat them with some ways on how you making a great optimization content. After that, do not forget to promote this content on some social media based on your targeted visitors.

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