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How to Market Your Blog Effectively Without Wasting Time

Blog is an important tool to develop a business, especially for a small business. Marketing blog is not an easy thing to do. Actually, there are so many ways that are offered to market your blog with a really effective way. Actually you can choose on from those ways that is mostly suited you. One of those ways is by using some awesome tools that are created for helping you in marketing your blog effectively. Below is the detail information about these three tools.

  1. CoSchedule
    CoSchedule is the perfect tool that you have to do if you were a wordpress blogger. Actually, this is a social media scheduler and a plugin of editorial calendar that is straightly integrated with wordpress. It means that you can schedule all your postings and social media shares in the same time. In the other words we can say that this tool will connect with some of your social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and many more. You can do all the schedules at once and the good news is that it is only $10 per month.
  2. IFTTT (If This Than That)
    The second tip in How to Market your Blog Effectively without Wasting Time with tool is by using this IFTTT. This is a free online tool that wills possibly you to make some different functions by using some different web accounts automatically. You can make a pattern to share your post on some different social media that you have. This tool uses the word “recipe” as a method for scheduling all your posts. Because this is a free tool and give some amazing features, man bloggers are really recommending this tool to be tried. You can find the different ways and you can choose one which is suited you the most.
  3. AddThis
    The third tip in How to Market your Blog Effectively without Wasting Time by using the tool is called the AddThis tool. Actually this is a site that offers some variety of tools for your website usage. This site is also being able to be used for blog to share all the contents that you made externally and internally. Many bloggers recommended this site because all the tools on this site are modern, clean and easy to use. This site can help you to get a possibility where the other people will share your content to other. It means that your content will be able to be seen by more people out there. There are the free and paid versions for this tool. The free tool doesn’t mean that it is worse than the paid one. Furthermore, the free version also gives so many stunning values.

Those are some tools that will help you in How to Market your Blog Effectively without Wasting Time. They are the low cost and free tools, so you can try them soon.

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