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6 Tips for Writing Great Content for Your Blog

Getting a lot of visitors for our blog is not an easy thing. One of the ways that we can do is by making some great contents. Actually, there is no rule in making content for a blog. It depends on each person’s style. However, there are 6 tips that you can do to write a great and effective content for your blog.

1. Apply the Simple Language
At the present time we can find so many blogs with too long article and contents and it is really hard for us to understand the meaning. This is not an appropriate thing to do. As an advice, make sure that you write a simple and easy to be understood by another people. Try to use the simple language and simple diction as well. In fact, most of people need some exercise until they nail this.

2. Read More Books and References
A writer will never write the good article if he or she is never or rarely read the other people writing. Some advantages that we can take by reading more books ad references are we can get some information, inspiration and new knowledge. Reading more references and books will also lead us to think more systematic and logic.

3. Own a Unique Language Style
The third tip of 6 Tips for Writing Great Content for Your Blog is by owning a unique language style. This is an essential thing, but you may not always stick on this aspect, just trying to write with your own way. Whatever style that you have on your writing, the most important things that you have to remember is you should create an easy to read content, relevant and simple content.

4. Write for the Readers and SEO Optimization
It is for sure o make a natural content but still having a good SEO optimization. We cannot deny that most of the readers prefer to read a natural content and even the search engine is usually put the natural article on the top places than some articles that are made for SEO aim only. So, you have to pay attention about this one.

5. Forget About the Keywords Density
The next tip of 6 Tips for Writing Great Content for Your Blog is about the keyword density. Some people said that the appropriate keywords densities are between 3% up to 5%, and the rest said that it is between 1% up to 3%. In fact, Google is never said about this case. The most appropriate thing to do is using the right amount of keywords for your contents.

6. Use the Relevant Keywords and its Synonyms
One of the effective ways is by using varied keywords for your content. By using this variation, your content will be more relevant with the topic that you use without needed to add more keywords.

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