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3 Ways to Get Higher Blog Visitors

ways to increase blog traffic

High busy traffic, that is what every website’s owner like to have. Unfortunately, it is hard and takes time. But it doesn’t mean impossible to achieve. You just need to do some hard work, good SEO knowledge and patience. In this article I will show some methods that are very useful to generate more traffic to your blog.

Link to Related Post
Busy traffic comes from visitors who enjoy spending some time on your blog. The longer they spend time on your site is the better. This can be achieved if they feel intrigued to spend more time to read not just one post. So, put a link to your other post at the end of every post and give those links interesting and will grab their attentions kind of titles. The point is to lead your visitors to the next action.

Maybe your blog is still new with very few visitors. What you need to do here is build good relationship with other blogs that have same niche with yours. Put up comments on their post, you have to be careful on this, don’t let the opportunity to get backlinks temps you. Your comments are supposed to act as a tool to build good relationship, not only to get backlinks. When other visitors (and the blog owners too) see you as a regular unspamming visitor, they will be more than willing to visit your blog and leave comments.

Email Sign-up Form
Set up an email sign-up form on your blog so visitors will be updated of every new post you create. It also a nice way to build a visitors list which includes visitors’ contact information. You see how important this information? You will be able to inform them about your newest post which means traffic to your blog. And if in the future you want to use your blog to sell products or services, you can use the list as resources of your email marketing work.

Beside the 3 ways I have explained in this article, there are some other techniques you should try. Also, your choice of cms affects the visitor experience on your site, it could be easy and smooth or even confusing and unpleasant. I suggest you to choose/migrate your blog to well-know cms, such as WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting or Umbraco Hosting then your visitors can enjoy reading your blog and you’ll get lower bounce rate, higher traffic.

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