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Brilliant Ways to Develop Your Blog

Is blogging only about writing and publishing? Is it only about promoting your daily diary without doing any further things to develop it? Well, I will tell you some ways on how to develop your blogs, so it will not be monotonous. Check these out!


Make your Blog More Attention-Grabbing

First of all, be active in other communities. Mitch Joel, author and also owner of Six Pixels of Separation and Twist Image blog stated that people will not have any possibilities of promoting or forming a community without being an active member of other communities first. So, it is true that people will visit your blog if the posts are useful and relevant. But, let us think more efficiently. Let us say if you have at least two communities, then it will be much easier for you to promote your blog with those members. Moreover, if all the members have been active in other communities as well, they can help promoting your posts more and more widespread.


Second, if the visitors drop some feedback, always remember to thank them whatever their comments are. This way will show that you respect them. In addition, if they have any questions or they need more information about the topic which you have posted, always do your best to answer them. It is much better if you explain or discuss further on the next posts, so the visitors are looking forward to reading the next parts, which they will visit your blogpages continuously.


Third, do not only choose and show if you make a list of something. For instance, you make a list of Top 20 Korean Artists of 2014. Do not only mention their names or post their pictures, but explain further why you choose them. Is it based on their achievements? Their popularity, actions, issues, or sort of? To make it more interesting, you can invite your visitors to make the same list based on their personal opinions, and ask them to post on the comments box. So, later, your visitors can discuss with one another about the topic. In conclusion, the brilliant way is to take and give. Do not always ask and take, but we should give and do first. By giving and doing more for other people first, they will also do the same or even more than you have done before.

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