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Forum Web Hosting with Simple Machines Forum

  SMF – Another popular forum hosting softwares On last post, we posted out an detailed information of the features for phpBB, one of the favorite forum software. As recommended by other webmasters and users, Simple Machine Forum are also well known of its great features of forum platform. Here are some of the SMF features Simple Machines Forum — ...
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7 SEO Mistakes You Could Be Making

  How to optimize your page rank by practicing SEO techniques, but in this article you will learn which mistakes to avoid when building a website with search engine optimization in mind.  If you did some mistakes in doing search engine optimization, it could hurt you in the long run. 1. Don’t buy spammy links. Many website owners and companies ...
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5 Easy Steps to Design Joomla Websites

  Many website designers overcomplicate the design process of Joomla websites, while it should not be necessarily so. To design Joomla websites, you only need to follow these five simple steps. The following steps are sequential steps, this means that you have to do the first one first, followed by the second, etc. While you may sometimes, be able to ...
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How to Appraise a Domain Name

Having knowledge of how to value an internet domain name is important in online business industry. While there is no exact formula to value a domain name, there are some things to consider before putting a value to a domain. Most people will instantly base their appraisal on TLD extension, word length and keyword popularity but won’t consider backlinks, brand ...
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Crystal Report – 5 Causes of Poor Perfomance

  After weeks or maybe months of hard work, your masterpiece report is finally complete. And you were so sure that your client will very satisfied. You attempted to run the report for a month against the live database and not the two days test data you used for development. Unexpectedly, your report’s runtime went from twenty seconds to two ...
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