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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Classic ASP Hosting is Still Popular for Many People

Many people are using ASP Web Hosting. Why are they still using the classic ASP Hosting instead of the new and powerful ASP.NET. ASP.NET has XML-based components, there are also a lot of applications, tips and tricks, and tutorials available for classic ASP. ASP Hosting, unlike ASP.NET, is running under the IIS process space, otherwise knows as inetinfo.exe. It is ...
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What the SharePoint Hosting Used For

SharePoint is basically an enterprise information portal, developed by Microsoft. It can be easily be configured to run Internet, Intranet, and Extranet sites and allows people and teams to collaborate. Whether you need to communicate and collaborate with your coworkers, your team, or your CEO, located a floor up or at the other end of the globe, you need SharePoint! ...
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Where We Can Find a Good Domain Name Registration Provider?

That we know, before we are creating a web site, we must have a domain name for our site. That’s first thing what we do, find a name for our site and registering that name. Where we can found a domain name registration provider? Are they good? That question will be appearing on our mind. For web hosting domain name ...
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Why SEO Services is One of The Other Way People Used

When we build a web site, except domain name registration and hosting service, the other thing that we think is ‘How to promote my web site on internet network?’ and ‘How to increase the traffic rank of my web site?’. That’s the problem if you want your web site appear on page search engine. This is the answered, if you ...
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Several Advantages Using Windows Hosting

When you are going to building your site, after have domain, you will start with a hosting provider too. Before you choose a hosting company, you should know their main types. You also should know what functions of hosting you will need. That’s the fact if you want get the right hosting provider and the right services that you need. ...
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Windows Hosting is the Most Popular Web Hosting Platform

Windows and Linux are the most popular options when it comes to web hosting. A good web hosting will deliver both of two platforms. Web hosting has great functionality which plays a big part in the success of your website. Windows hosting like Windows 2008 hosting with all of the features will assist you to create a good website. Windows ...
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