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Getting to Know Visual Studio 2008

visual basic 2008

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 has been acknowledged as a powerful programming language. It includes tools to program in Visual Basic, C#, C++ and many more. Visual Basic 2008 and the other versions are installed with SQL server. Microsoft arranged it for some purposes.

Let’s take a look at data tools that available on Visual basic 2008. These data tools are very helpful to develop powerful desktop applications. Some programmers usually use dataset designer, view designer and query, SQLMetal and database explorer frequntly.  SQLMetal is a command-line tool you can use to create classes from existing databases for language integrated query (LINQ) to structured query language (SQL) applications.

If you purchased the Visual Basic 2008, you must be already knew that it includes the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition and the latest version, SQL Server Express. You can use it on your laptop, notebook and desktop computer or any other smart devices.

You can develop data-driven applications that depend on SQL Server to run. Microsoft provides SQL Server Express so you can embed the SQL Server engine within your application’s installation. You can also develop applications on your personal computer disconnected from a production SQL Server.

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