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How to Use Pinterest to Increase Site Traffic


Pinterest has been a fast growing social network site. With its user-friendly interface, users can collect and share their favorite photos and images of places, fashion, beverages and so on. This collection of images makes Pinterest even more attractive, since users will not add low-quality images. Using Pinterest, users can experience themselves how the power of picture can tell a thousand words.

If you’re an online marketer or own a business, you will sense that this kind of power can be very useful as promoting or marketing tools. Many businesses have used it. Pinterest is quite full with people who are trying to market their stuffs. But when your hand is full with so many social media sites, the easiest way to get the best of Pinterest is by using full automation. Automation offers the ability to create more backlinks, increase traffic and bounce rate. Also, it helps attract more potential customers and clients.

But the team behind Pinterest is very strict about automation system. You have to be clever if wish to set up an automation system on Pinterest.

Here are how to set up an automated system on Pinterest.

  • First, create interesting contents on your site or blog. These contents should be useful, worthy and interesting for visitors, do not make contents just to sell your products or services. Spend more effort in providing informative and entertaining contents; your hard work will pay off. And remember the key point of Pinterest is eye-catching images, therefore filled up your site/blog with these images.
  • Now put each of those content URL on your Pinterest account. When a user clicks your pin board, they will automatically direct to your website. The more engaging content you have, the bigger chances of users click and re-pin your pin. And this will lead to more traffic coming to your site/blog. If your contents are really good, in not long time you will see an increasing traffic on your site/blog.
  • Repeat this series of step a few times to get more back links, traffic and lower bounce rate.

That’s it. That is the most simple way to share links of your site/blog by using Pinterest without violate their term and conditions. I use this method on my Pinterest and in just couple of hours, I saw an increasing on my site’s traffic. Try this technique on your blog or website and see what happened. You will not regret it!


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