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5 Best Alternatives of Google Adsense

In my opinion, there are two reasons people create a blog. Firstly, they want to share their thoughts, knowledge, experiences or point of view in certain things with other people, whether people would read it or not. And the second one is to earn money from their blogs. Fortunately, you can combine these two reasons and still earning money while being sincere with what you create for your blog.

For years, Google Adsense has been the top money maker tool for many bloggers. Knowing that their status as most wanted online advertising media, Google becomes more stringent and wouldn’t hesitate to ban any publisher account who doesn’t stick to their policies.

In today’s post, I will list some choices of online advertising programs other than Adsense. They’re good alternatives if you find Adsense is troubling you or doesn’t bring enough benefit. Here is the list:

1. Adbrite

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As one of the best alternatives, Adbrite gives opportunity to bloggers with less traffic to gain money. When Google only release payout that has reached minimum of $100, bloggers can set payment method to amount bigger than $5 on Adbrite. It pays 75% of ad share for all bloggers. Although it doesn’t have many options of ad formats, but there are common ad formats, such as full page ads and inline page links allows monetizing for the overall traffic to your website but not merely the click on traffic to your website.

2. Infolinks

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Infolinks works is an in-text advertising based on your keywords and it’s converted to advertising links. Your payment are depends on the basis of pay per click of the ads and not on the impressions on the links. It can take several months before you could actually see some revenue being generated into your account. Also there is brink limit for payment but still you can use Infolinks with any other ad networks.


3. Clicksor

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This is one of the most popular and best in revenue sharing ad programs. It targets personal bloggers and small businesses that want to earn through different ad formats like Contextual Ads (banner and text), pop-up ads, In-line Text Ads and more. Although Pop-up ads seems to be annoying to users but it surely can give you high income. By using Clicksor, bloggers can share up to 60% of the revenue, depending on the performance of the advertisements and clicks.


4. Bidvertiser

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Bidvertiser offers image ads and pay-per-click (PPC) text ads that can be customized, even with your own CSS. With minimum payout of $10, this program is best for high traffic blogs. It now also offers two programs which increase your chances to earn more income:


a. Revenue Generating Toolbar, allows you to create a customized revenue generating toolbar that can drive more traffic to your website and also make money when users use your toolbar search menu option. The tool bar has options to include other program links as well. With minimum payout of $10, this program is best for high traffic blogs.

b. Conversion bonus is the first of this kind as an affiliate marketer to announce payment based on traditional CPC performance for each valid click and track the clicks tracks and for every valid leads identified is converted into additional cash with a substantial monthly bonus system.

5. Chitika

make money online

As a pay-per-click ads program, Chitika has a great advantages of ability to be aligned with Adsense to place ads on your blog. It provides excellent advertising solutions to publishers and advertisers. Like Adsense does, Chitika also provides customized ads formats according to your blog.


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