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What is TikiWiki? – TikiWiki CMS Groupware at SeekDotNet

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What is TikiWiki? It is hard to describe it in one word. Tiki Wiki is the name of a multi-feature package that can be used as different types of web applications ranging from CMS, collaborative tool like wikis or the community driven dynamic websites and weblogs. From the forums and discussion boards to corporate intranet to educational wikisites—TikiWiki can support them all. There are many other advantages of this software; let’s examine them one by one.

1. In addition of being a powerful CMS and groupware, it is easy to use, stable and secure. Under GNU, LGPL, TikiWiki is open source and free.

2. Hundreds of developers around the globe had contributed toward the expansion of this software. The result is today Tikiwiki offers a matured solution that makes balance between creativity and restraint. The application has been made stable and secure through extensive testing and up-to-date documentation.

3. The greatest advantage of TikiWiki is that it comes with a strict modular character and configurable architecture. This makes it possible for a normal individual as well as a technical person to add features to the core coding framework for an enhanced functionality of the system to fit the personal requirements.

4. The user friendly TikiWiki sites make the visitors log into the site over and over again and inspire them to add to the quality and quantity of your site. The ease of use also encourages the new developers to join the team and work toward the improvement of the software.

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