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3 Net Styles to Avoid (If You Want to Have a Successful Website)

A website with good design is not only about a great graphical layout. There are numerous components that bring about an excellent website style, interface or layout design, individual experience layout and probably one of the most important, the best straightforward, which is graphic design. To attract visitors and furthermore to make them buy your products or services, you must ...
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How Do Search Engines Work?

  To best employ SEO techniques so that your site can attain higher page rank, you should first learn how the search engine works. There are some search engines out there, with Google leads the competition, most of them are crawler based search engines while some may be on human compiled directories. Search engines work by bringing up the most ...
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7 SEO Mistakes You Could Be Making

  How to optimize your page rank by practicing SEO techniques, but in this article you will learn which mistakes to avoid when building a website with search engine optimization in mind.  If you did some mistakes in doing search engine optimization, it could hurt you in the long run. 1. Don’t buy spammy links. Many website owners and companies ...
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Crystal Report – 5 Causes of Poor Perfomance

  After weeks or maybe months of hard work, your masterpiece report is finally complete. And you were so sure that your client will very satisfied. You attempted to run the report for a month against the live database and not the two days test data you used for development. Unexpectedly, your report’s runtime went from twenty seconds to two ...
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4 Ways to Value a Website ( before you buy or sell it)

There are many ways to make money using the internet technology. You can sell products or offer services, put adds on your blog/webpage or you can be a reseller hosting. Another way to make money online is by buying and selling websites. Like any other buying and selling business, you have to acknowledge the worth of the website you would ...
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5 Common Mistakes of Small Business Websites

How many small online businesses succeed in making profit for the owner? The truth is maybe quite shocking, according to a recent survey, 90% of small business website only received little to no money. Why did it happen? Apparently, it is because most of the owners of small business websites make the same mistake. Despite SEO and other website optimizing ...
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